Scottish Opera Review

It was really fun doing the Scottish Opera because we got to miss lessons and do a permormance in front of an audience. I thought it was a brilliant experience listening to Roger deliver his performance and we got to meet the Scottish opera and sing with them. Roger was really loud and his voice was just amazing. Being in the audience made me feel thrilled and excited. I never knew opera could be so good.

Shadow theatre.

I took part in a shadow theatre. I had to make some of the puppets and then test them against the canvas screen in our puppet theatre. It was hard to make sure that they were the right distance away from the screen so that the images were clear. I was nervous at first that things might go wrong but actually The shadow theatre was really good because we were very clear when we were showing the image. I thought it was a really good puppet theatre show and we got lots of good feedback about it.

Shadow theatre

I took part in shadow theatre assembly and I was the narrator I told everyone about the reveloustion of coalmining. I had to make sure that I timed my speaking properly with those who were running the puppet show. I had to ensure that I spoke loudly and clearly so that my audience knew what was happening on the screen.

Shadow theatre

My part in our class assembly was the shadow puppet theatre. We made puppets out of black card  and used pencils to keep the puppets intact. When I received my part I was nervous that I would mess up in the performance. But the assembly actually turnred out to be really fun and I enjoyed the performance at the end. We received lots of positive feedback about it from our audience.

Maia Walkzak

I enjoyed Maia’s visit ßecause she inspired me to draw and write more.

I took part in writing and drawing. I really enjoyed drawing.

I learned to draw better cartoons.

I really enjoyed Maia coming.

Maia inspired me to draw and write.

Maia’s visit.

Maia’s visit was cool and we played games where we had to use are imagination to make up a story and we watched three of her videos, Girl with the yellow bag,and ,Silent book blue,Silent book red.and they where both amazing and the drawings must have took a long time.It was cool that we had a world famous artists in are school!!

In are groups we made a weared story it went like this but I only remembered the end, To Unicorn Village,X-men Yelled Zombies it makes no sentence but you would under stand if you read the full thing. That’s all from me see you guys later



Winter is coming it’s not too far

Winter is coming from afar

Winter isn’t bright

Instead it’s bringing night

Winter is here

There’s lots to fear

Then someone came today

He came to save the day

It was a great scientist

And he with something fantastic

It was a heating

It was an amazing thing

by Bhumika Arora


My time with Maia! 😋

Hi everyone/people reading this! 😊 How are you? I’m good thanks, anyway.. Today I will be telling you about year 5/6’s time with Maia! 😯 she is a world famous artist. Wowweee! Maia is inspirational to many many many people.🌎 around the world. We were extremely lucky to spend the day with her. 🌼

We done lots of creative things like; Puzzles, writing your own story with a prop, picture of a girl and a boy. Somehow they had to meet. 😄 you have to improvise without a plan.

I loved spending time with Maia and I hope the school
Gets In touch with her to tell her about all the fun we
Had spending with her. We ❤️ you Maia! 🙂

Maia Walkzak

I really enjoyed Maia’s visit ßecause I like her books.                                      I took part in drawing and writing. I liked working with Amelie.                   I learnt to draw better.                                                                                              I really enjoyed Maia coming to school.                                                         Maia inspired me to be a better  artist